Innovative Spintronics X Semiconductor Research Hub




Focusing on spintronics, a game-changing technology for low-power integrated circuits that Japan has led, we will promote research and development of new materials and devices, as well as research and development of circuits, architectures, and integrated technologies that maximize their characteristics. In addition, we will comprehensively develop prototype verification for practical low-power semiconductor chips that accelerate the development of CMOS semiconductors, together with collaborating and cooperating instituions. In the development of innovative spintronics X semiconductor research, we have pioneered new applications such as the integration of optics, neuro, topology with electronics, as well as new applications such as medicine, space, and information security. We will contribute to the improvement of research and development capabilities related to semiconductors. We will develop human resources with practical skills and perspectives by having young researchers and students actively participate in our hub.

Expected accomplishments

  1. Creation of a group of core technologies such as innovative and boost technologies for low-power semiconductors that achieve ultra low power consumption (1/100 or less) while achieving sufficient computing performance
  2. Development of highly-skilled human resources who are well versed not only in spintronics x semiconductors but also in semiconductor technology, and who are responsible for the R&D and practical application of low-power semiconductor technology
  3. Establishment of a sustainable hub and its operation system that supports the improvement of R&D capabilities in semiconductor technology and the high level of human resource development functions as an academic institution