Innovative Spintronics X Semiconductor Research Hub




 The Hub Steering Committee is set up directly under the director to discuss and oversee the Hub’s operation and medium- to long-term direction. The R&D Promotion Committee and the Human Resources Development Committee are set up under it, and activities are promoted on the two wheels of R&D and HRD. In addition, to support the director, deputy-directors, planning department, and internal/external collaboration support office will be assigned to facilitate smooth operation and collaboration with outside the center.

Organization structure

Representative Institute: Tohoku Univ.

Collaborative Institutes: Hokkaido Univ. / The Univ. of Tokyo / Tokyo Institute of Technology /
The Univ. of Electro-Communications / Kyoto Univ. / Osaka Univ. / Kyushu Univ. / Keio Univ. / NIMS / JAXA
Cooperative Institutes:

Yamagata Univ. / Univ. of Tsukuba / Chiba Univ. / Nagoya Univ. / Mie Univ. / Yamaguchi Univ. /
AISIN CORP. /Accenture Japan Ltd / ADVANTEST CORP. / Intel Corp. / Witz Corp. /
Keysight Technologies / KIOXIA Corp. / CANON ANELVA CORP. /
KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION / Socionext Inc. / Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo /
TDK Corp. / DENSO CORP. / Toei Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. /
TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD. / Toyota Motor Corp. / Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd. /
NEC Corp. / JEOL / Power Spin Inc. / Hitachi High-Tech Corp. / Fujikin Inc. /
Vector Semiconductor CO.,LTD. / Resonac Corp. /